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32                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

a sort of gentleman, with a wretched chateau in
Burgundy. By him she had the Marquis Ducrest
and Felicit6, who married M. de Sillery. They
changed their names, nobody knows why, from
Chantry to St. Aubin Ducrest. Madame de
Montesson, during her first intimacy with the late
Duke of Orleans — for twenty years intervened
between that and their marriage—prevailed on
Monsieur de Genlis, who afterwards took the title
of Marquis de Sillery, to marry her niece. Before
her marriage, her mother—married secondly to a
Monsieur d'Andlau—used to take her about to
private houses, where she sang and played for a
present. She was very handsome, but has no
remains of beauty now, although she is not old.

For some days past, the talk of the town
has been the mysterious death of young Wall,
son of an Irish general officer here. He married
six months ago Mademoiselle de Chabot, but is
supposed to have abandoned his wife for someone
whom he loved better in the country, by which
he incurred the resentment of her brothers. Some
nights ago, on his return to Paris, he went out
alone and never returned. Some letters were
found on his table, one to the Duchess de Rohan,
noble - spirited, such as Balmerino might have
penned on the eve of his execution for his attach-